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About IES

The School of International Education (IES) is a new institute established by YSU as a commitment to the school-running strategy of internationalization. Besides the task of enrollment, education and daily management of foreign students, the duty of IES also includes the promotion of Mandarin Chinese and administration of national scholarships. Faculty members include11 full-time teachers out 18 regular staff. With other part-time teachers, our faculty is well balanced in terms of a combination of senior, middle-aged and young teachers, who are highly qualified and experienced at teaching and research.

Ever since its establishment , IES is dedicated in the enhancement of the schooling level, which leads to a expand of enrollment every year. IES is now considered as the best choice of students from different countries all the more. More than 300 students from American, British, Russian, Korea and 40 other countries will enter IES every year. More than 80 among them will attend class in other faculties such as School of Economics and Management, School of Vehicle and Energy, School of Information and Engineering as undergraduate, master and Ph. D students.

IES has qualification to receive two National Scholarships including Chinese Government Scholarship and Confucius Institute Scholarship. Meanwhile we can also provide Provincial Government Scholarship of Hebei and University Scholarship of YSU. By the end of the year 2015, a full coverage of scholarship in students has been achieved.

IES is dedicated to promote national culture strength and takes the international promotion of Chinese as priority task. In August of 2007 the Toledo Institute of YSU (also as the foreign center of TCFL of YSU) has been officially founded in the University of Toledo, Ohio, after which a Confucius Institute is also co-founded in the University of Toledo in December of 2009.