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Chinese Test Dates in 2024
Test Data Test Type Registration Deadline Date for Score Announcement
March Mar.16(Saturday) IBT
Mar.6 Apr.1 Apr.12
April Apr.21(Sunday) IBT Apr.11 May.13 May.20
May May19(Sunday) IBT May.9 Jun.3 Jun.11
June Jun.22(Saturday) IBT Jun.12 Jul.8 Jul.12
September Sept.8(Sunday) IBT Aug.29 Sept.23 Sept.30
October Oct.19(Saturday) IBT Oct.9 Nov.4 Nov.8
November Nov.16(Saturday) IBT Nov.6 Dec.2 Dec.6
December Dec.8(Sunday) IBT Nov.28 Dec.23 Dec.30

※ Score Announcement delayed for one week due to festival vacation.