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2022 YSU Online "Chinese Bridge" Program Enrollment Guide
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Yanshan University (YSU) is located in Qinhuangdao, Hebei Province. Originated from Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), YSU was a university directly under the former Ministry of Machinery Industry and identified as one of the 88 key universities designated by the State Council in 1978. YSU began to recruit international students since the mid-1990s, and signed a cooperation agreement with Dante Alighieri High School in Italy on the base for overseas sources of students. YSU has provided over 3,000 admission and training opportunities for international students, including degree seeking students (1,200 opportunities) and non-degree seeking students, from over 40 countries including the United States, UK, Russia and South Korea, covering undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates.

Qinhuangdao is the only city in China named after the title of an emperor because of the eastward voyage for elixir by the First Emperor of Qin Dynasty, and is well-known for Mao Zedong's famous poem Beidaihe — to the tune of Lang Tao Sha. It enjoys abundant tourism resources as a popular resort both at home and abroad, and is awarded as the most beautiful coastal city in China, one of China’s top ten ecologically-civilized cities and the most livable city in northern China. As the co-organizer of Beijing 1990 Asian Games and Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Qinghuangdao is the only prefecture-level city in China that has co-hosted the Olympic Games and the Asian Games.

The "Chinese Bridge" course is specially developed in order to promote international students' understanding of China and YSU, provide overseas students with the opportunity of "Reading China", train international talents that understand, help and love China.

With the theme of the Great Wall history, Great Wall literature, Great Wall folklore, Great Wall art, Great Wall architecture, Great Wall culture and Great Wall tourism, this project course introduces the history and culture related to the Great Wall to overseas students, excavates the rich historical connotation of the Great Wall culture, and shows the unique charm of the Great Wall cultural heritage. The Great Wall plays an irreplaceable role in the world's understanding of China and China's approach to the world. Many foreigners know China from the Great Wall, which is the best entry point for people from other countries to learn about Chinese history, Chinese culture and Chinese nation. In 2019, Xi JinPing stressed during his inspection visit to the Jiayuguan Great Wall that the Great Wall embodies the Chinese nation's unyielding spirit of striving for self-improvement and the unyielding patriotic feelings of unity. It has become a representative symbol of the Chinese nation and an important symbol of Chinese civilization. We should explore the cultural value of the Great Wall and carry forward and protect its cultural heritage, carry forward the national spirit, and build a boundless force for realizing the Chinese dream of great national renewal. Now the online group project of "Chinese Bridge" has started registration in 2022.

Recruit number: 60 students.

Enrollment target:

1. Chinese learners from countries along the "Silk Road"

2. Chinese learners in Confucius Institute

Forms of recruitment publicity and schedule of promotion:

    1.September-December, 2022

Publicize admission guide through the official website of the university and other forms of media.

    2.Before December 20, 2022

 The enrollment contacts of relevant promotion schools release enrollment information and organize information sessions in various forms. Determine the namelist of students participating in the program.

Mode and duration:

1. The course is about to begin from January 08 to 14 in 2023. The starting and ending time subject to the actual situation of the country.

2. One language live class and one Great Wall culture lecture every day. Plus experience video recording class.

3. Recorded contents are to be studied online.

Course requirements:

1. To make online registration according to the requirements which will be announced before the course begins.

2. To finish the homework assigned by the teacher on time.

3. To provide a 2-3 minutes learning experience video after completing their studies (3-5 for each country)

          Email: study@ysu.edu.cn