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一、报名方法 Registration Process


All registrations for this exam must be completed online. On-site registrations will not be accepted. Please follow these steps to register:

1. 注册 / 登录(Register / Log in

访问网站(Browse the website):


注册账号或直接登录。Sign up for your account or log in directly.

2. 访问网址(Browse the website)


3. 选择考试级别(Choose the exam level

选择考试时间,点击立即报名。 Choose the test type and the date, then click Book A Test.

4. 填写考生信息(Fill in candidate information

第1步: 确认考试信息

Step 1: Confirm the Test Information

第2步: 填写个人信息、上传照片,接收验证码并填写

Step 2: Fill in your personal information and upload your photo. Then, get the verification code with your Chinese cellphone number and input it.

第3步: 填写邮寄信息

Step 3: Add the mailing address and select it.

第4步: 确认报名信息并线上缴费

Step 4: Confirm submission and pay fees online. 

Note: After completing the payment, the examination fee is non-refundable.

Level 3 (HSK+HSK speaking)

Level 4 (HSK+HSK speaking)

Level 5 (HSK+HSK speaking)

Level 6 (HSK+HSK speaking)

二、其他注意事项 (Others)

1. 核对信息,确认无误后在线支付考试费用。请仔细确认考生信息,报名结束后超出规定期限更改信息会产生费用!

Verify the information and, once confirmed, make an online payment for the exam fee. Please double-check the candidate information, as changing information beyond the specified deadline will incur additional charges.

2. 考试前15天可登录网站打印准考证。

You can log in to the website 15 days before the exam to print your admission ticket.

3. 考试地点和联系方式 Exam Location and Contact Information:

考试地点:国际教育学院 C109 室

Exam Location: Room C109 of the International Education School, West Campus of Yanshan University.

联系方式:刘老师 0335-8047570

Contact: Mrs. Liu 0335-8047570

办公地点:国际教育学院 210A 室

Office: Room 210A of IES